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Who We Are

Outstanding quality, service and delivery have given us long lasting relationships with clients all over the world.

Paradigm is a small consulting firm that specializes in grants and sponsored contracts, project management, and web related services. These three areas represent the three divisions of our firm. Over the past five years Paradigm has worked on practices and processes that allow us to develop customized consultations for varying organizations based on their size, and the scope of the projects. 


During our years working in the public and government arenas, we noticed a significant void existed where grants and federal contracts were concerned. Specifically, while most clients were aware of what grants and federal contracts were, the actual requirements associated with these instruments, and the mechanics of actually submitting an application were often a mystery. Whether we were working with large universities or small community non-profits, the challenges and questions remained the same. The who, what, when, where, and how of grant applications and management was not easy to come by. Often times the only solution was to secure a large firm that had grant personnel who had the answers. Such personnel came at significant cost, making it impossible for most smaller organizations to retain the necessary services.

By operating with a small and highly specialized staff, Paradigm is agile and nimble enough to work with organizations of any size. We can complete your grant/contract writing and application process, but if you're organization is new to sponsored projects we can also assist you in developing the infrastructure you need to build your sponsored programming. Paradigm is here to help your organization reach its goals, as it strives to establish itself as the leader in sponsored project consultation.

What makes us different


We are creative.

We bring industry best entrepreneurial practices to projects of any size and scope.


We are collaborative.

We have a wide and deep network of professionals to leverage on projects of any scope, size, and concept.


We are socially responsible.

We enjoy working with a wide variety of projects, especially ones with the potential for having a positive impact on society.

Our Team

Paradigm Grant and Consulting Services is a highly skilled and disciplined team with a diverse professional and industry background. We work with organizations of any size to help them reach their goals and have a meaningful impact. Within our professional network and project management system, we have the capacity to help any public or private sector project meet its goals.  

Meet the Team

"I would recommend any individual or organization that has a grant or project management need to reach out and see how we can be of service."Demetrius Jackson, COO

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