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Over a Decade of Experience with Web and I.T. Services

We have over 15 years experience building websites, online communities, and providing Information Technology Services.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

We are a highly experienced and multi-disciplined team able to work with organizations of various size and scope!

Broad Project Management Experience

Over $1 billion in government and private contract management experience!

Grant and Contracts Management

Extensive experience with Grant and Contracts management. Collective Grant Management Portfolio - $150 million.

Paradigm G.C.S.
A better way to REACH your goals.

Welcome to PARADIGM Grant and Consulting Services. Paradigm is a consulting firm that specializes in grant and sponsored contracts, project management, and web related services. 

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During our years working in the public and government arenas, we noticed a significant void existed where grants and federal contracts were concerned. Specifically, while most clients were aware of what grants and federal contracts were, the actual requirements associated with these instruments, and the mechanics of actually submitting an application were often a mystery.

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Why we do our work.

Whether we were working with large universities or small community non-profits, the challenges and questions remained the same. The who, what, when, where, and how of grant applications and management was not easy to come by. Often times the only solution was to secure a large firm that had grant personnel who had the answers. Such personnel at a large firm came at significant cost that made it impossible for most smaller organizations to retain the necessary services.

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